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Daily Routine

The usual daily structure is a mixture of freeplay, group activities, meals and quiet time. At the beginning and end of the day all children play together in a range of activities e.g. play dough, paint, blocks, books, sand play, music, swings, bikes, carpentry, water play or balls outside.

From mid-morning until mid-afternoon the children are split into younger and older groups, with activities appropriate to their development, age and learning style. The groups may alter from day to day, depending on the age range of children attending each day. Staff work with both groups on a rotating basis. Outings, when planned, take place in the mornings. They range from visiting the park nearby, to going to a play or the Zoo. Outings are always appropriately supervised, with recognised ratios of staff to children.

After lunch is “quiet time” when children sleep or rest. Kidzone has separate cot, sleepers and resters rooms. Individual sleeping routines are also catered for, such as additional sleeps.