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Established in 1989, Kidzone is a quality, chartered & licenced childcare centre, which provides a caring environment that develops the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of each child. This includes building a child’s self-confidence and social skills, while acknowledging parents/guardians as primary caregivers and educators of their children.

We provide simple nutritious meals – morning tea, a cooked lunch and afternoon tea. The Centre caters for special diets and children with allergies. In summer, all children are covered with sunscreen before going outdoors and are provided with a sunhat, which must be worn.

A Parent Co-operative

Kidzone is a co-operative centre. Because each family shares in governance and overall management, we are able to provide high quality childcare for a reasonable cost. Co-operative responsibilities are allocated on the basis of interest and expertise and change from time to time. The most important thing about the co-operative is the need for involvement. In addition to being assigned a role or group, each family is required to pay an environment fee (in lieu of working bees) and participate in fundraising events. Social get-togethers for Kidzone families are held several times a year & include the annual Easter egg hunt, BBQs & picnics.

While every family contributes to Kidzone in some way, most decisions are made by a Governance Group, consisting of 6 core parent roles and the Supervisor, who meet every month.

Children are our focus

At Kidzone we promote the development of  young and agile minds and bodies. While licensed for 25 children from one to five years of age, a commitment to quality care means the roll is kept to 22-23 children per day. With the equivalent of 6.5 full time staff, Kidzone has excellent staff: child ratios. As well as interacting with children and parents, staff members are involved in meal preparation, domestic activities, observations of children, programme preparation/evaluation and administration.

Kidzone is recognised by the Ministry of Education as a Quality Funded Child Care Centre. The Education Review Office, in its most recent review of Kidzone, found here, acknowledged high quality education and care experiences for the children at Kidzone.

The government’s 20 Hours ECE subsidy for 3, 4 and 5 year olds is available and some families may also qualify for the WINZ childcare subsidy, which is dependent on income. More can be found out about it by contacting WINZ directly.